About the Band

Headin’ Home Bluegrass is a family band from Bloomingdale, GA that provides bluegrass and bluegrass gospel music for festivals, church functions, fundraisers, receptions, and private events. We perform uplifting, family-style bluegrass from traditional favorites and toe-tapping instrumentals to exciting new originals. The six-piece bluegrass band is comprised of award-winning instrumentalists, featuring fresh young musicianship, blazing fast picking, and tight family vocal harmonies. We are Headin’ Home... Bluegrass with a destiny!

Jon and Marina Lindblom were both professionally trained musicians when they married in 1992. After over a decade of playing in a symphony orchestra, they decided to direct their focus toward a family music ministry, forming a bluegrass band with their nine children.

Since they first began playing together, the Lindbloms have focused primarily on nursing home ministry. They continue to bring instruments, Scripture, singing, and smiles to residents in local nursing homes and assisted living facilities each week. They also perform for bluegrass festivals, churches, fundraisers, and other events.

The band name, “Headin’ Home,” is a representation of their main goal as a family... striving closer toward Jesus Christ and the eternal destiny of living with Him! We each have an eternal destiny, and we only have this lifetime to choose what that will be. The Lindbloms’ prayer is that their music would cause each listener to consider their eternal destiny and choose Heaven.

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Our Style

We perform traditional bluegrass and bluegrass gospel music. You’ll hear banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, bass, and family-style vocals and harmonies.

Read on to learn a little more about each member of Headin’ Home!

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Jon ~ Dad

Jon is our upright bass player and band leader! He sings lead on many songs, as well as baritone and bass vocals. Jon tunes, moves, and services pianos for his business, 88 Keys Piano. He is also a skilled woodworker and has built us several beautiful instruments, including a harp and violin. He is an amazing leader to our family and we are so blessed by his godly vision and passion for our ministry.

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Marina ~ Mom

Marina has played violin all her life and is now our fiddler! She also writes original songs for the band. She won 4th place fiddle in the state of GA at the 2019 Official State Fiddlers Convention. Marina homeschools her nine children, having already graduated the oldest two. She is a licensed Kindermusik educator and teaches classes for children ages 0-7 in a studio off of her home. Marina’s greatest desire is to point others toward Christ, and we appreciate her humble focus on glorifying God in all aspects of life.

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Luke ~ 21

Luke is our resophonic guitar (dobro) player. He also plays the upright bass, guitar, and banjo. He loves his brand-new, custom-built Randy Wood Featherlite™️ Performance Banjo! Luke also sings baritone and bass vocals. Luke won the 1st-place adult guitar prize, playing resophonic guitar, at the Annual Pig Jig Music Contest in Lyons, GA for 2019! He is a certified piano technician and works for the family business, 88 Keys Piano. In his free time, he enjoys fixing up and selling used golf carts. We appreciate Luke’s work ethic and dedication to whatever he puts his hand to do, and his incredibly generous character which is a great example to his younger siblings.

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Libby ~ 19

Libby plays acoustic guitar, studying with Bryan Sutton and Jake Workman. She sings lead and harmony vocals, writes many of our originals, and also plays piano and violin. Libby teaches children’s piano and guitar lessons as well as Kindermusik classes. Some of her hobbies include writing Christian stories and creating iMessage sticker apps. She recently published the first bluegrass stickers on the Apple App Store, and was featured in this June 2019 article on BluegrassToday.com! Libby’s highest goal is to always use the gifts God has given her to bring joy, hope, and salvation to other people.


Lucy ~ 17

Lucy is our mandolinist! She is studying with Mike Marshall and Jake Workman. She loves her handmade mandolin which was built by Doug Clark in Canton, NC. She also plays guitar, piano, and violin; and adds her lead and harmony abilities to our vocals. Lucy won the 2019 Annual Pig Jig Music Contest in Lyons, GA for 1st-place adult mandolin! In her spare time, Lucy teaches children’s piano, violin, and ukulele lessons. We appreciate how Lucy loves spending time with her family, lending a helping hand, and selflessly giving from her heart to bless others.

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Timothy ~ 15

Timothy is our banjo player and is studying with Tony Trischka through ArtistWorks.com. He is enjoying his new Featherlite™️ Performance Banjo, which was hand-built by Randy Wood in 2019! Timothy also plays bass and guitar. He won 1st-place youth banjo as well as 3rd-place youth guitar at the Annual Pig Jig Music Contest in Lyons, GA in 2019. In the wintertime, Timothy runs a firewood business with his younger brother Linus; and in the summertime, he runs a lawn care business with his older brother Luke, which they call “Banjo Brothers Lawn Care: Clippin’ Green Grass, Pickin’ Bluegrass!” Timothy is the only T in our family of L’s! He is a blessing to our family in countless ways, and we especially appreciate his faithfulness to spend time in God’s Word every morning.


Linus ~ 13

Linus is learning fiddle and guitar and works hard on picking up every bluegrass tune he can! He loves his beautiful handmade violin, which Jon meticulously built for him in fall 2018! Linus sings lead and harmony as well. He loves to read, split firewood with his brother Timothy, and work in the kitchen. He is always volunteering to cook us delicious new recipes! We are blessed daily by Linus’s cheerful attitude and kind thoughtfulness to his family.

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Logan ~ 11

Logan is our harmonica player in training! He is working hard on learning harmonica, as well as his other instruments, piano and violin. Whenever he has any free time, he’ll be helping someone with a project outdoors. Logan also helps with our sound setup and teardown, and is a strong helper when it comes to loading and unloading the bus. Logan’s enthusiasm to serve others is a blessing to everyone he meets!

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Liam ~ 10

Liam is excitedly learning the fiddle, and is working on piano as well. He cheerfully helps carry our heavy instruments and equipment wherever we go. Liam enjoys drawing, riding his bike, and playing games with his brothers. He loves to eat anything, and he likes cherry tomatoes better than candy! Liam loves having two little brothers and takes lots of time to play with them and make them feel special.

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Levi ~ 8

Levi is learning piano and violin, as well as taking banjo lessons from his big brother Luke. He wants to have a deep bass voice when he grows up! When he’s not doing his schoolwork, Levi has fun playing with his brothers and helping around the house. His boundless energy and excitement brings plenty of life to the band!

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Leo ~ 5

Leo, the youngest, always steals the show with his adorable stage presence! He loves to sing and play his mandolin, violin, and ukulele. He says he wants to play every bluegrass instrument when he gets older. Right now he is taking mandolin lessons from his big sister Lucy. It’s easy to tell that Leo has been immersed in bluegrass all his life, as he can find the offbeat to a song quicker than the beat! Leo’s favorite game is to dress up and give pretend bluegrass shows, and every raised surface he can find around the house becomes a stage! 🙂

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