The Band

Headin’ Home Bluegrass is a seasoned family band made up of Jon and Marina Lindblom and their four oldest children. Hailing from the Savannah, GA area, this exciting group performs regularly at festivals, churches, music halls, pickin parlors, and other events; bringing the fire and fun of family bluegrass to stages all over the Southeast!

Recent performances of this captivating family band include Twin Oaks Park Bluegrass Festival, Lorraine’s Coffee House, Bill’s Pickin Parlor & Music Shop, Everett’s Music Barn, Randy Wood’s Old-Time Pickin Parlor, IBMA Youth Stage, and SPBGMA 2022 (where they showcased to a bursting room and placed finalists in the 2022 International Band Championship). You’ll be entertained, uplifted, and energized listening to Headin’ Home’s show, which always brings forward an inspiring faith-based message. This family band is taking the music seriously and keeping it fun!

With a 2020 album available, and a 2022 project in the production stage with Bonfire Recording Studio (Pinecastle), they’re taking the southeast bluegrass scene by storm!

Get ready for some JOY... it’s Headin’ Home - bluegrass with a destiny!

The Story

Jon and Marina Lindblom were trained as classical musicians. They both graduated with performance degrees from Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, where they met; Jon playing trumpet and Marina violin. They moved to Savannah, GA in 1992 to play in the Savannah Symphony.

As each of their nine children were born, they were all taught piano and violin. For years our family ministered at nursing homes every week, singing and playing our instruments. Ukuleles came into the house and eventually a few guitars and other random instruments, including a banjo, but no one really learned how to play them!

In October 2016, while taking a vacation to the mountains of North Carolina, the Lindblom family’s music was forever changed! We stepped into a little gift shop between Maggie Valley and Cherokee. Bluegrass music was playing through the store’s speakers. The sound just gripped us—we loved it! We bought an instrumental CD to take home: “Sunday Morning Bluegrass” by Mike Scott. In the weeks and months that followed, we just wore that CD out, playing and replaying it constantly! We all knew it together: we’re starting a bluegrass band! Dad switched out his trumpet for the upright bass, Mom tossed aside her sheet music and transformed her classical violin into a fiddle (although she still insists on cleaning off the rosin dust every day!), and the oldest four children each picked their favorite bluegrass instrument. With eleven family members, we couldn’t all be in one band (we don’t like chaos, as you’ve probably guessed) so the younger five started their own band: The Brothers Five! And the rest is history! 🙂

The band name, Headin’ Home, is a representation of our main goal as a family: striving closer toward Jesus Christ and our eternal destiny of living with Him. Our slogan, “Bluegrass with a Destiny,” reflects our view of music as a ministry for God. We hope the message of our music blesses and encourages you on the road HEADIN’ HOME!

Jon Lindblom


Jon (Dad) plays upright bass and sings lead and harmony vocals. His rock-solid rhythm is the backbone of our bluegrass groove! As our main lead singer, his soaring vocals are always a highlight as well. Jon tunes, moves, and services pianos for a living through his business 88 Keys Piano. He is a great leader to our family and band and we’re thankful for his godly vision. As our MC, Jon has an engaging way with crowds and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Marina Lindblom


Marina (Mom) plays the fiddle. She’s been playing the violin all her life, and holds degrees in violin performance, with a symphonic background. She has enjoyed the variety of branching out into bluegrass music. Marina writes much of our original music, and enjoys coming up with interesting and unique chord progressions to keep our band on its toes! She also teaches Kindermusik classes and homeschools her crew of nine, having already graduated the oldest two. Marina handles the bookings for our band, and is our community liaison for scheduling events.

Luke Lindblom


Luke (23) is our resophonic guitar player. He also sings bass vocals. A gifted musician, Luke adds his exciting and masterful touch on the dobro to our music. He works with the family business, 88 Keys Piano, and also enjoys repairing and reselling electronics on the side. Luke is also our technical whiz, manning the sound setup for our performances. He also enjoys playing banjo and guitar in his spare time!

Libby Lindblom


Libby (21) plays guitar. She also sings lead and harmony vocals and writes many of our original songs. She studies with Jake Workman and Bryan Sutton, whom she counts as her biggest influences. In August 2021 at the prestigious Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax, VA, Libby placed 4th in the flatpick guitar competition among nearly 200 contestants! Libby also enjoys writing Christian stories, teaching children’s music lessons, and developing sticker apps (check out this bluegrass sticker app she built)! She also handles most of the creative and marketing aspects of our band. Libby's first fiction book, Tried With Fire, was published in May 2022: get it here!

Lucy Lindblom


Lucy (19) plays mandolin. She studies with David Benedict, Sierra Hull, and Jake Workman. She also sings lead and harmony vocals. Lucy keeps busy teaching children’s music lessons and selling handmade crafts on Amazon in her spare time. Whether it’s in a show or a rehearsal, Lucy finds the laughter in every situation and is a pro at keeping everybody smiling!

Timothy Lindblom


Timothy (17) is our banjo player! His masterful picking, influenced by his mentors Noam Pikelny and Wes Corbett, lights up the stage! Timothy helps in the piano business, moving and servicing pianos. He also likes playing guitar, fixing and selling broken iPads, and working outdoors.

The Brothers Five

Not to be forgotten, meet the rest of the family! Our five youngest boys have a bluegrass band of their own called The Brothers Five!

Linus (15) plays guitar and fiddle, Logan (14) plays bass and harmonica, Liam (12) plays fiddle, Levi (10) plays banjo; and Leo, the youngest (7), plays mandolin and always steals the show! All five brothers sing.

You’ll often see an appearance or two from the ever crowd-pleasing Brothers Five when you book a show by Headin’ Home Bluegrass!