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Meet These 2023 Georgia State Champions! 🏆

Meet These 2023 Georgia State Champions! 🏆

We just came back from the Georgia State Fiddlers Convention in Blairsville, GA this past Saturday! Luke and Timothy won the dobro and banjo competitions, respectively, taking 1st place in the state! We’re so proud of them!!

Also at the Georgia state championships this past weekend…
– Marina won 2nd place fiddle
– Headin’ Home won 2nd place band
– Lucy won 3rd place mandolin
– Timothy won 3rd place guitar

And of The Brothers Five… 🙂

– Leo won 1st place beginner musician and 1st place beginner fiddle
– Levi won 2nd place beginner musician and 3rd place beginner fiddle
– Linus won 3rd place junior fiddle

We are so thankful to the Lord, and also to each of you for all your love and support! 🎵

Headin’ Home at the Georgia State Band Competition 6/24/23

– Headin’ Home ❤️

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