About the Band

The Story

Jon and Marina Lindblom were trained as classical musicians, graduating with performance degrees from Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. They moved to Savannah, GA in 1992 to play in the Savannah Symphony - Jon playing trumpet and Marina violin.

As each of their nine children was born, they were all taught piano and violin. For years the Lindblom family ministered at nursing homes every week, singing and playing their instruments. The family first heard bluegrass several years ago, while taking a vacation to the mountains of North Carolina! They stepped into a little gift shop between Maggie Valley and Cherokee and heard bluegrass music playing through the speakers. That day, a spark was lit, and not long afterward a bluegrass band was born! The four oldest children (Luke on dobro, Libby on guitar, Lucy on mandolin, and Timothy on banjo) formed a band with their parents in fall 2018, with Jon taking up the bass and Marina playing fiddle.

In just a little over four years, Headin' Home has become a solid, tight-knit, and professional sounding band, bringing the joy of hard-driving family bluegrass with a clean, positive message to audiences far and wide.

Headin' Home's slogan, Bluegrass with a destiny!, is a representation of the band's ultimate goal and musical message: to point, encourage, and uplift their listeners on the road to eternity.

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Jon Lindblom (Dad) - Upright Bass, Lead & Harmony Vocals

Jon plays bass and sings lead and harmony for Headin' Home. He has been a professional musician all his life, graduating from Eastman School of Music with a degree in Trumpet Performance and then playing in the Savannah Symphony. He is also a certified piano technician, and tunes, moves, and services pianos for a living through his business 88 Keys Piano.

Marina Lindblom (Mom) - Fiddle, Harmony Vocals

Marina is our fiddler, and has played the violin all her life. She holds a violin performance degree from the Eastman School of Music and has played in symphony orchestras, performing from Carnegie Hall to castles in Germany! She has really enjoyed playing bluegrass, and writes a lot of the band’s original music. Marina also teaches Kindermusik classes from her home studio. She has been homeschooling for nearly 20 years, since 2003. In her spare time, she enjoys…wait, she doesn’t have any spare time!

Luke Lindblom (b. 1998) - Dobro, Bass Vocals

Luke plays resophonic guitar and sings bass. He is also an experienced sound technician, running sound both for Headin' Home's shows and for hire at other bluegrass events. Luke is the 2023 Georgia State Dobro Champion! He is a piano tuner and technician through the family business 88 Keys Piano. Luke's side businesses include fixing up and reselling tractors and electronics.

Libby Lindblom (b. 2000) - Guitar, Lead & Harmony Vocals

Libby plays guitar, sings lead and harmony vocals, and has written many original songs for the band. She has studied with Jake Workman and Bryan Sutton and counts them as her biggest influences. At the 2022 Galax Fiddlers Convention, Libby placed 2nd in the flatpick guitar contest! She stays busy teaching children's guitar and piano lessons, teaching Kindermusik classes, developing sticker apps, handling marketing for the band, and writing Christian fiction stories. Her first book, Tried With Firewas published in May 2022!

Lucy Lindblom (b. 2002) - Mandolin, Lead & Harmony Vocals

Lucy is the mandolinist for Headin' Home, and she also sings lead and harmony. She has studied mandolin with Sierra Hull, David Benedict, and Jake Workman. Lucy's week is full with many mandolin and piano students; and she also teaches Kindermusik classes. In her spare time, she has a business selling custom-printed mugs on Amazon. Whether onstage or in a rehearsal, Lucy always keeps everybody laughing!

Timothy Lindblom (b. 2004) - Banjo

Timothy plays banjo, and is the 2023 Georgia State Banjo Champion! He works in the piano business, moving and servicing pianos. Timothy also enjoys fixing up broken tractors and mowers, and selling custom wood products on Amazon. He is a great guitar player as well!

The Brothers Five

Our younger five boys are coming up with their own band as well! Linus (17) plays guitar, Logan (15) plays bass, Liam (13) plays fiddle, Levi (12) plays banjo, and Leo (8) plays mandolin in their band, The Brothers Five! The Brothers Five are currently practicing a lot and performing on occasion, working hard together on developing their band!