Down Where the Grass Is Blue (2022) Digital Download


The sophomore release by Headin' Home: Down Where the Grass Is Blue, in digital download format! Details below . . .
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The sophomore release by Headin’ Home: Down Where the Grass Is Blue, in digital download format!

Stunning instrumental prowess and tight vocals both shine on this 13-track project, which delivers a tasty blend of original and traditional songs in an exciting display of top-notch family musicianship. Headin’ Home takes their polished, hard-driving bluegrass sound to a whole new level with this second album release!

Jon Lindblom: upright bass, lead and harmony vocals

Marina Lindblom: fiddle, harmony vocals

Luke Lindblom: dobro, bass vocals

Libby Lindblom: guitar, lead and harmony vocals

Lucy Lindblom: mandolin, lead and harmony vocals

Timothy Lindblom: banjo

Track list

  1. Singing With the Saints
  2. Down Where the Grass Is Blue
  3. On My Way Back to the Old Home
  4. I Believe
  5. Voice of My Savior
  6. Pike County Breakdown
  7. The Last Adam
  8. Train 45
  9. Such a Time As This
  10. Dearest Friend
  11. Y’all Come
  12. How Great Thou Art
  13. I’m Ready to Go


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