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The debut Headin’ Home Bluegrass release! Twelve tracks of hard-driving, heartfelt bluegrass gospel!

Available now, in physical or digital format! (8/31/20)

A 6-piece family band from the Savannah, GA area

We are Headin’ Home Bluegrass: a Georgia-based bluegrass band comprised of 6 members of the Lindblom family!

Seasoned performers for all types of events

We bring live bluegrass music to churches, festivals, nursing homes, fundraisers, private events, and more! We have performed at both IBMA and SPBGMA, America’s two biggest events in bluegrass.

Bluegrass with a Destiny!

Enjoy hard-driving bluegrass with a heartfelt gospel message: featuring fresh young musicianship, blazing fast picking, and tight family vocal harmonies.

An exciting family bluegrass group from the Southeastern US!

As a seasoned 6-piece family band, we deliver the traditional, hard-driving bluegrass sound with an uplifting gospel message. Be prepared for rousing, toe-tapping bluegrass favorites performed by award-winning instrumentalists; thrilling new originals; and the stirring, pure blend of family vocals. With decades of combined musical experience, Headin’ Home Bluegrass brings the fire and fun of family bluegrass to stages all over the Southeast!

We’re Headin’ Home... Bluegrass with a Destiny!

Jon Lindblom: Bass, Lead & Harmony Vocals

Marina Lindblom: Fiddle

Luke Lindblom: Resophonic Guitar, Bass Vocals

Libby Lindblom: Guitar, Lead & Harmony Vocals

Lucy Lindblom: Mandolin, Lead & Harmony Vocals

Timothy Lindblom: Banjo

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